One or more hazardous areas exist in every plant. Operators can avoid fire and explosion incidents by following proper design rules and anticipate how the power plant will be utilized to prevent electrical triggers from causing damage. At Stonehouse Process Safety, we specialize in quantifying electrical safety risks and helping our valued clients reduce them to an acceptable level via our process safety consulting services.

Hazardous (Electrical) Area Classification

What is Electrical Area Classification?

In industrial facilities, special focus is required when it comes to handling electrical equipment. Electrical sparks can be generated from faulty cables or other components. These sparks can then trigger runaway fires and ignite explosive atmospheres. The risk of explosions and fires is a major concern for sites where combustible dusts, vapors, gases, or flammable liquids are present. Every organization must be vigilant to ensure that they have measures in place to guard against that threat.

Hazardous Area/ Location – Our Consulting Services

At Stonehouse, we have process safety consultants that specialize in helping clients with all aspects of Hazardous Areas and equipment contained therein:

  • We Classify Hazardous Areas by establishing the likelihood, extent and duration of flammable atmospheres; we interpret the flammability/ combustibility characteristics of hazardous materials present; all our work utilizes the latest guidelines and the relevant Codes and Standards.
  • We advise on practical solutions as to how flammable atmospheres can be eliminated and/or controlled.
  • We advise on the selection, and installation of electrical equipment and wiring that is suitable for use in the classified hazardous areas.
  • We audit facilities to check on equipment installed and its suitability for safe use in its classified location.

In performing our work, we always find it’s worth making sure that the facility personnel is deeply involved in all steps of the process, so their knowledge is both utilized and expanded – and specific concerns are addressed.

Why Should You Work with Stonehouse Process Safety for Electrical Area Classification?

At Stonehouse Process Safety, our electrical area classification consulting services are designed to preserve the safety of your assets, equipment, and people. Our team members are knowledgeable about classification, electrical equipment and wiring, applicable standards and codes, fire detection systems, chemicals used, plant safety, HVAC engineering, and more. When you work with us, we ensure safe and consistent classification via the application of sound engineering judgment and the careful evaluation of all data in accordance with established techniques. Our experience includes classifying plant battery systems, fuel oil systems, and fuel gas systems. Contact Stonehouse Process Safety today to learn more about our electrical area classification expertise!

We also offer virtual process safety training courses such as Exploding dusts, Explosions, Static Electricity and HAC (Hazardous Area Classification).  Find out more here.

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