Are you looking for a consulting team that specializes in electrostatic hazards? At Stonehouse Process Safety, we can help. Whether you need help evaluating an ignition risk or determine flammable atmosphere potential, we have got your back. Our team of experienced specialists with unmatched operational experience can offer cost-effective solutions and pragmatic judgements to electrostatic hazard issues.

Control of Static Electricity

What is an Electrostatic Hazard?

Electrostatic charging is known to occur when liquids and solids are charged by induction or move relative to the plant they are contained in. Electrostatic charging frequently occurs in industrial process plants. If the electrical charge is allowed to discharge or accumulate, an electrostatic hazard may arise. These hazards can cause a serious explosion or fire. Apart from the plant facing legal action or receive public backlash, these incidents can cause significant loss of life as well.

Why Should You Work with Stonehouse Process Safety for Electrostatic Hazard?

The Stonehouse Process Safety team has a long track record of controlling and identifying electrostatic hazards in a wide spectrum of industrial processes and situations including gas handling, dryers, batch reactors, mixers, centrifuges, dust collectors, grinders, mills, flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC handling), and more.

We are dedicated to helping our clients improve environmental, health, and safety compliance. You can also be sure that our consulting solutions are also in compliance with DSEAR/ATEX risk assessment requirements. All in all, we strive to offer our valued clients a complete solution to ensure their electrostatic hazards are well-managed.

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