Making the right decisions in Process Safety protects people, prevents damage to plant and equipment, assures business continuity, satisfies insurers – and your Board. Getting those decisions right requires knowledge, expertise, experience and a pragmatic approach that works. Whether you have some in-house resources available or require outside expertise for all your needs, Stonehouse can support you with more than three decades of experience to advise, validate and reassure – to be certain you find the best tailored, most practical, and most cost-effective solutions for your process safety needs.

Why work with us

  • More than three decades of global experience throughout the process industries
  • Scientific and practical approach based on hard data wherever possible
  • Expertise and proven experience to address and develop practical solutions to process safety issues efficiently and cost effectively
  • We help you navigate efficiently through any recommendations (prioritizing) – to help you work efficiently and in a cost-effective manner
  • Process industry experience that spans hundreds of process safety projects globally
  • Practical solutions from over 30 years of process industry experience
Organizational Competency in Process Safety & Event
Organizational Competency in Process Safety

To effectively meet process safety goals, any organization requires a level of knowledge, skill and experience in its staff. But how can an organization know that those skills are present, embedded to the right level and that there are no gaps. The answer lies in Process Safety Competency Assessment – an independent, structured approach to discovering where the gaps lie – and how to fill them.

Dust Explosion Hazard Analysis (DHA) & Event
Dust Hazard Analysis – Explosion Prevention & Protection

Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA) – If your plant is handling, processing, manufacturing or creating combustible dust, you are required to perform Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA) and risk assessment under NFPA 652. Whether you have responsibility for entire plants or small operations, we undertake comprehensive Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA) to ensure your compliance with NFPA 652.

Electrostatic Hazard & Event
Control of Static Electricity

Electrostatic discharges (“sparks) are ignition sources that cause fires and explosions in industry. We undertake Electrostatic Hazard Analysis (EHA), advise on practical hazard and risk control measures, and provide ongoing support as you implement control measures. Static electricity affects both powders and liquids and can cause processing problems such as poor powder flow/mixing/sieving and even pin hole formation. We prepare and deliver Electrostatic Control Studies that get to the root of the problem and provide practical, lasting solutions.

Electrical Area Classification & Event
Hazardous (Electrical) Area Classification

Electrical equipment of all types can be the source of heat, electrical arcs and sparks and causes many industrial fires and explosions every year. Flammable gases, vapors, and powders are all susceptible. We undertake specialist Hazardous Area Classification (HAC) work that classifies plants into classes/zones and divisions (applicable to combustible powders and flammable gases and vapors) and specifies the correct rating for the electrical equipment in each area. We also conduct Hazardous Area Surveys of existing equipment installed in facilities to determine compliance.

Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) & Event
Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)

At Stonehouse Process Safety, we bring our expertise and experience in Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) methodology, understanding of the hazardous properties of materials and the consequences of unplanned releases, understanding of your operations and typical process equipment, and people and organizational skills to your Process Hazard Analysis (PHA). We will help with selecting the appropriate Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) methodology based on criteria such as inherent hazards of materials, status of the process, system complexity, availability of a previous analysis and site experience. Our goal is to supplement your in-house expertise with ours, to provide guidance where you need it and reassurance when you don’t.

Process Safety Management & Event
Process Safety Management

We have in-depth expertise, experience, and industry backgrounds in process safety that can assist clients concerned with all aspects of safe handling and processing of Highly Hazardous Chemicals (HHC) as well as those chemicals which are not traditionally considered as HHC, but can present major flammability, combustibility, reactivity, and toxicity hazards.

Fire and Explosion Hazard Assessment & Event
Fire and Explosion Hazard Assessment

We provide comprehensive fire and explosion hazard assessment consulting services to ensure your facilities and processes comply with all pertinent codes and standards as well as good industry safety practices. We lead assessments or provide practical advice and guidance throughout the process.

Incident Investigation & Event
Incident Investigation

Are you looking for a professional that can investigate toxic chemical release events or factory explosions, and provide event reconstruction solutions? If the answer is yes, look no further than Stonehouse Process Safety. Our company specializes in an incident investigation for a wide array of industrial processes. We are active in technical committees and societies, such as API, AIChE, NFPA, and more.