Considering the growing complexity of today’s chemical processes, it may be challenging for some organizations to facilitate a thorough Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) study. This is where Stonehouse Process Safety comes in. We can help you complete a process hazard analysis. Our team comprises expert specialists who can facilitate a sound Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) study as well as consider potential liabilities from an incident, as well.

Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)

What is Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)?

PHA constitute a significant portion of process safety programs. These studies are conducted so that companies and industries can identify hazard scenarios for a certain process, where adversely affecting the environment, property, and people is possible. Major Hazard Analysis (MHA), failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA), what-if studies, and hazard and operability studies (HAZOP) are some of the main PHA techniques.

Why Should You Work with Stonehouse Process Safety for Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)?

Stonehouse Process Safety has conducted a process hazard analysis (PHA) studies for a wide range of organizations and industrial facility areas. Whether you are looking to get an expert to conduct fault tree analyses or what-if studies, we are experts. Stonehouse Process Safety understands that the quality of PHA studies can affect the environment as well as our valued clients’ plant, equipment, and safety. That’s why we work arduously to ensure study quality. Contact Stonehouse Process Safety today to learn more about our process hazard analysis (PHA) expertise!