Our Approach

We bring together our specialized process safety management (PSM) and engineering expertise, laboratory test data, and tailored competency development programs that offer effective, practical, and sustainable approaches to the safety of our clients’ personnel, processes, and operations.

process safety

We believe the best process safety decisions are built on the foundations of experience, practicality, knowledge, scientific method and trust. We also believe that the most enduring solutions come from building partnerships with our clients and thoroughly understanding their objectives, needs and culture. Once we have that insight, we can partner with you to provide the support and reassurance you need.

We apply our expertise to your process safety challenges – preventing fires, explosions and unplanned material releases – to ensure the safety and integrity of the personnel, plant, community, and your business. We conduct full process safety studies or bring our expertise to contribute to them. We undertake testing of your materials in our laboratories to obtain standard data and set up customized tests to simulate your process conditions. We develop the competency of your employees with awareness sessions or by providing in-depth training. We advise on practical solutions and work with you through implementation, verification, and monitoring.