Who we are

We work in close partnership with our clients to help them obtain the most effective and practical approaches to safe and efficient operations and processes. We achieve this by bringing together our specialized process safety management and engineering expertise, applicable laboratory test data, and tailored competency development programs. Our areas of expertise include dust flash fire & explosion hazards, gas & vapor flammability hazards, electrostatic hazards, and thermal decomposition/self-heating.

process safety management

The rising importance of process safety globally and its increasing complexity demands industry specialists and customized, flexible support services to ensure sustained worker, plant, and community safety. Stonehouse was established to cut through the complexities and provide our clients of all sizes, lasting practical solutions to their process safety engineering/ process safety management (PSM) and process hazard analysis (PHA) needs. Our strategy is built upon the foundations of knowledge, experience, scientific method, practicality, and trust.

Our engineers and scientists come from industry, consulting, and academia and are recognized for their expertise in identifying and solving process safety, PSM and PHA issues. Many are nationally or internationally recognized experts in their fields. Our areas of expertise include:

• Dust Explosion Hazard Analysis (DHA) / NFPA 652
• Electrostatic Hazards Evaluation and Control
• Gas/Vapor Flammability and Explosion Hazard Evaluation and Control
• Fire/Explosions Properties of Solids, Liquids, Gases and Mists
• Safety, Chemical Handling
• Hazardous Area (Electrical) Classification HAC)
• Self-Heating of Materials
• Transportation of Dangerous Goods
• Process Safety Training Instructor
• Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)
• Process Safety Management (PSM)