Any company that is in any way involved with the handling, processing, producing, transporting, and/or storing of flammable and combustible gases and liquids, combustible solids, explosible powders/dusts, and/or reactive chemicals would require our process safety services.

Flavor Fragrance Feature

Flavor & Fragrance

Similar to the bulk and fine chemical industries, flavor and fragrance companies frequently employ flammable materials – gases, vapors, and sometimes fine powders – most of which can present a fire or explosion hazard if proper precautions are not taken. The complexity of specialist equipment and processes used by flavor and fragrance manufacturers requires a systematic and rigorous process of hazard and risk identification and control coupled with the implementation of good management programs and a developed skill base to ensure hazards and risks are properly identified and mitigated.

We partner with our clients in the flavor and fragrance industry to help them identify, assess, prevent, and control fire, explosion, and accidental loss of containment hazards in their operations. Our services include expert consulting, laboratory testing, and training in the specialist fields of dust explosion & fire hazards, electrostatic hazards & processing problems, gas & vapor flammability hazards, Process Hazard Analysis, Process Safety Management, and incident investigation.