Any company that is in any way involved with the handling, processing, producing, transporting, and/or storing of flammable and combustible gases and liquids, combustible solids, explosible powders/dusts, and/or reactive chemicals would require our process safety services.

Equipment Manufacturing Feature

Equipment Manufacturing

Much equipment in the process industries – by its intended purpose – contains flammable liquids and/or combustible powders and therefore can pose fire, explosion, or loss of containment hazards. Consideration must therefore be given to the construction materials of the process equipment as well as the flammability, explosibility, thermal instability, and electrostatic characteristics of the materials that are processed/handled. Measures for the avoidance of ignition sources, avoidance of flammable atmospheres, and explosion protection should be considered.

We partner with our clients in the equipment manufacturing industry to help them identify, assess, prevent, and control fire, explosion, and accidental loss of containment hazards in their operations. Our services include expert consulting, laboratory testing, and training in the specialist fields of dust explosion & fire hazards, electrostatic hazards & processing problems, gas & vapor flammability hazards, Process Hazard Analysis, Process Safety Management, and incident investigation.