Any company that is in any way involved with the handling, processing, producing, transporting, and/or storing of flammable and combustible gases and liquids, combustible solids, explosible powders/dusts, and/or reactive chemicals would require our process safety services.

Coal Mining Feature


Mining operations and coal processing have their own unique explosion risks making the performance of quality explosion hazard assessment – and implementation of corrective actions – of particular importance. In addition to underground strata gas explosive atmospheres, mined products such as coal can create dust fire and explosion hazards both underground and above ground in dust-rich conditions such as those found in dust collectors, bunkers, and coal carrying belt conveyors.

We partner with our clients in the mining industry to help them identify, assess, prevent, and control fire, explosion, and accidental loss of containment hazards in their operations. Our services include expert consulting, laboratory testing, and training in the specialist fields of dust explosion & fire hazards, electrostatic hazards, gas & vapor flammability hazards, Process Hazard Analysis, and incident investigation.